14 Aug 2018

Cool Ways to Protect Your Patio from the Sun

Kitchen Patio

What good would a patio be if you cannot hang out in it? Well. This is a question many homeowners don’t want to meddle with especially during those long hot summers. There are different ways to give your patio some shade without tampering with the décor.

Get a Custom Canopy

Getting custom awning contractors, like Cool Covers Home Improvement, to design a befitting awning for your patio is the most effective solution. An awning will not only protect you from the sun and its UV rays but can also come in handy when it rains. A good canopy will cover large areas, giving complete protection from the sun and some light rain. It will be the right choice if you have a large patio or want to cover a section of your pool deck too.

If you just want some isolated shade, you can use an umbrella to provide shade on your deck chairs and tables.

Canopy Plants and Shrubs

Another great way to add some style to your patio and backyard is by combining a canopy with some shrubs or canopy plants. Climbing vines or lush plants like bamboo will set the ambiance right, providing a cool shade and a breeze that no artificial shading can accomplish. If the plants aren’t enough on their own, combine them with an awning or an umbrella to finish up the shade.

While plant shade might be good enough against the sun, it is no match for the rain. The slightest drops of rain will pass through. The shaded area will also need constant sweeping and the plant should get regular maintenance to keep it green and healthy.

Keeping your patio or pool deck protected from the sun isn’t just good for you or your family. It also protects the surfaces from harmful UV rays hence extending its lifespan. Any paint or varnish on the floors and furniture will hold for longer meaning fewer maintenance costs for you.

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