13 Jul 2017

Considerations to Make When Buying Used Boats

Motor boat

Michigan’s used boat dealers try to make a living from the hunting and fishing season. It is at this time that most buyers try to look for boats that are trustworthy. If you have ever been in such a position, you need to consider a few considerations when buying used fishing boats for sale in Michigan. However, for anyone just about to purchase a vessel, look out for the following or learn from the best teacher-experience.

Does the Contract Protect your Interests?

Most dealers will offer you standardized agreements. Some of these purchase agreements might favor their interests more than they do yours. However, you have a right to tailor the contracts to protect your interests. Rule out all the irrelevant clauses and add those that you feel should have been in the contract in the first place.

Is the Boat Sea-worthy?

Check if the boat is sea-worthy and if the price is reasonable. However, without conducting a trial, you might only notice problems later. Take the boat out into the water and run it at wide open throttle for some time. This will help you have a good idea of the state of the engine. Inspect the whole boat. This includes evaluating the performance of steering systems, navigational electronics, and trim tabs to name a few.

Does it have a Warranty?

Check to see if the boat still has a warranty. To verify the dealers answer to the above question, present both the engine serial number and the hull identification number to the vessel’s manufacturer for them to confirm if, and for how long, the warranty exists. Ask if the warranty is transferrable.

You should only buy a second-hand boat if you are buying it from a reputable dealer. In addition to that, always tag a person that understands boats with you to inspect the boat. With the above tips and a second opinion from a person that understands boats then you are bound to get a good deal.

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