02 Nov 2017

Chatbots in Search: What This Means to Businesses and Consumers


Digital marketing is now extremely sought after by all businesses since online is where most people seem to be. As technology further develops, however, new strategies are made. Companies have to take advantage of the developments to reach their audience and stay on top of things. How better to engage their audience than by making sure their queries are answered?

Chatbots in Websites

One of the hottest trends in artificial intelligence and marketing, a chatbot is a computer program that imitates conversations with the humans it interacts with, usually through audio or text. Experts from Coforge.com believe that a website that attracts and retains more business is essential, and that is how chatbots come in handy.

Chatbots can converse with humans by answering their questions. It’s not foolproof, as there are times when a chatbot can’t answer specific questions that it is not programmed to explain, but it can learn. As an artificial intelligence tool, chatbots can get smarter through previous conversations. The more the chatbot is used, the more effective it becomes. Gaining and storing knowledge makes it more able to answer potential customers’ questions.

How Chatbots Will Affect Businesses and You

Many businesses have started incorporating chatbots into their web pages, using these to improve the site and the business further. In fact, about 49% of marketers surveyed by Forrester’s H2 2016 Global Mobile Executive Online Survey have stated that they are using or are planning to use chatbots. Chatbots are there to encourage customer engagement and gain customer insight. When used right, it can make communicating with the brand more fun for consumers.

As for the consumers, chatbots provide instant customer service. Waiting on the phone for almost an hour for a customer service representative to pick up and answer a five-second question is not something people want to go through. Chatbots change all that and provide answers to your questions in record time. Chatbots also proactively reach out to customers once they are on the businesses’ website. These are still constantly being developed to be able to appear as real as possible and to be able to cater to any of the customer’s concerns, but chatbots are off to a pretty good start. It may soon become difficult to tell whether you’re chatting with a live employee or just a really realistic chatbot.

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