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Wood Shutters

22 Oct 2014

Energy Saving Hacks for Homeowners

Being a homeowner means coming up with ways to cut down on electrical consumption. With the number of appliances and gadgets that the whole family uses, it takes a bit of creativity to curb expenses. Fortunately, there are some energy hacks that you can use to cut down on your energy bills. Window Insulation Proper […]

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09 Sep 2014

Personnel Safety during the Construction of AC mitigation

New pipelines are constantly being constructed in high voltage overhead lines, or new power lines are laid close to existing pipelines. In such cases all the pipelines are affected. This includes natural gas, water, petroleum, and waste water lines. How corrosion happens underground due to current When these metallic pipelines are near high voltage transmission […]

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24 Jul 2014

Must-Have Equipment for Independent Filmmakers

Films are among the leading sources of entertainment. Regardless of the genre—whether drama, comedy, documentary, or something else—you can attract an audience to give them an idea about a certain story. Creating your own film won’t be easy, though. You’ll need the help of the following tools and equipment to make sure that you can […]

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14 Jul 2014

Advanced Technology Solutions: Audio-Visuals and Collaboration Systems and Services

There was a time when business meetings meant meeting the participants in person. This meant you had to travel to a particular meeting point common to all, which led to meetings lasting for a whole week including travel time. But, thanks to the advancement in communication technology, all these practices are no longer a problem. […]

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