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27 Apr 2016

Going Out of Town? Keep Your Home Safe

When leaving out of town, it is important to protect your home from break-ins. Residential crimes are most likely to happen when people leave their homes for an extended period of time. When your home is obviously uninhabited, burglars are likely to break-in and steal your valuable possessions. Here are some ways to keep your home […]

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26 Apr 2016

Have Your Customers Click That Checkout Button with Confidence

More people nowadays are shifting to online shopping. Aside from the quick, easy, and convenient shopping experience that customers enjoy, they can get better offers, discounts, and other perks. What makes it risky is that many fraudulent online shopping sites use different scams and illegal strategies to steal money and personal identity. As such, many shoppers are becoming […]

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18 Mar 2016

Growing a Shipping Company with Digitalized Parcel Auditing Solutions

A successful business does not profit from its products. If you ever had an experience putting up your business before, you know that adding a small markup to whatever product or service won’t really amount to much. So, as many amateur entrepreneurs indulging in various kinds of commerce, you may wonder: what’s the secret formula? […]

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Turning your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera in New Jersey

29 Feb 2016

Is That an Old Smartphone Or a New Surveillance System?

New models of smartphones are popping up faster, even before we get used to the old ones. According to research, 19% of Americans own a smartphone. The same research estimates that there are 2 billion people worldwide using smartphones and this is expected to go up to 2.16 billion this year. With the surplus of […]

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25 Feb 2016

Securing Virtual Information with Cloud Encryption

How do you boost your portfolio strength while still ensuring your customers' information, such as financial and tax records, are safe? Today, consumers are storing personal information in the cloud. Although these services are relatively cheaper than traditional data storage, without the appropriate data encryption, you cannot be sure that this virtual data in the […]

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23 Feb 2016

What to Look for in an Insurance Certificate Tracking Service

A big part of corporate risk management is insurance compliance. You want to reduce your uninsured and underinsured exposure as much as possible, to protect your business from expensive claims. However, just collecting certificates from vendors isn’t enough; you need a way to track compliance and identify potential deficiencies. You could make an in-house solution, […]

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21 Jan 2016

Space at Light Speed: The Astronomic Applications of Optical Transceivers

The road to intergalactic exploration is paved with four obstacles. First is the issue of speed, which restricts our ability to cover much ground. Second is resources, which prevents us from lasting longer in space. Third is funding, which limits the amount of things we can send outside the atmosphere. So far, we have solved […]

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SQL Server

07 Dec 2015

Great Features of SQL Server 2005

SQL server 2005 is a superior choice for many users which offers high quality packages with plenty of time, energy and money saved. For everyone who is looking for a smooth and seamless choice in administrative and technological functioning, this has some of the most significant features that will benefit users. T-SQL is a transaction […]

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Learning new things online

25 Nov 2015

Be Productive Online With These 3 Suggestions

The Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge and opportunity. Instead of leaning back and watching cat videos on YouTube, you could try and be productive with some of this ideas that you can do online. Here are three suggestions that you might like to try. Learn How To Play Musical Instruments There are a […]

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Genuine Mopar Parts

19 Dec 2014

Buying Genuine Mopar Parts: An Introduction

It often happens that vehicle maintenance becomes a problem, especially when you cannot find the exact spare parts that you need to replace. Genuine Mopar parts come to your rescue in these cases, as these are readily available online. Genuine Mopar parts installs only on Chrysler vehicles, such as the Jeep, Dodge, Ram and other […]

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