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Management Rights

11 Nov 2015

Ways to Know if Management Rights is Right for You

Real estate has always been a tricky industry because the market can go from high to low in a very unpredictable way. However, one type of real estate marketing has been proven to be effective: management rights. What Is Management Rights? Management rights for sale in QLD started in the middle of the 70s, Resort […]

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27 Aug 2015

How Real Estate Investors are Profiting through Management Rights

It is hard to imagine how such a big country with so much to offer can still be underrated by many real estate investors. Australia is a place of opportunity, and it is determined to prove its worth. It beacons to the world, and the world is smiling back. There may never be a better […]

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02 Aug 2015

Management Rights Options and the Benefits of Each

Fast becoming a key asset in the hotel industry, the management rights business that first boomed in Queensland is turning into a multi-million dollar market in Australia. Operations control of beach resorts and other properties are up for grabs. No wonder everybody’s trying to get into this business. From accountants to teachers and even farmers […]

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Property Invest

01 Aug 2015

Mind the Numbers: Purchase Expenses and Ongoing Costs

One great aspect of property investment is the ability to earn a steady stream of rental income. This is not possible with other types of investments such as shares, stocks or deposits. Investing in property lets you receive payments weekly or monthly and help you with your personal cash flow. Before you start looking for […]

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27 Mar 2015

Why 2015 is a Great Year for Real Estate Investments

Are you thinking of where to put your money this year? While the AUD is not doing so well compared to the USD, real estate is starting to look like the place to invest in for 2015. Residential Booms With Rising Prices According to CoreLogic RP Data’s index, “the average growth in home values across […]

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26 Mar 2015

Six Things You Have to Know When Buying Property

Looking at advertised properties is a remarkable sight, especially if you are planning to buy one. Without a set budget, you can easily give in to some transactions that are not good buys. Nevertheless, being meticulous is a virtue when it comes to real estate deals and can make you avoid wasting money on bad […]

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04 Mar 2015

Wanted: Real Real Estate Agent

Dealing with real estate can be a mess when done wrong, which is why real estate agents play an important role in these transactions. Buying or selling a home needs the touch of a professional. With all the pieces of advice from online sites to magazines, real estate proves to be a complicated maze to […]

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Lake Houses

19 Nov 2014

Considerations When It Comes to Lake Houses

There are a few rules on how people can determine the potential value of a piece of land. The most important is location: if the land is next to anything noteworthy, it has to be worth something. There are a few areas and establishments that can potentially boost the value a few more points. Different […]

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Property Lawyers

16 Oct 2014

An Overview of Building Construction Contracts in Australia

One of the leading causes of dispute when building and constructing any kind of establishment is the lack of information on contracts. A significant number of contracts enter the construction and engineering industry every year. From minor housing renovations to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects, the work and value that contractors carry out with such contracts […]

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17 Jul 2014

Property Developers Success: Choosing a Development with Financial Advantage

Developing properties can be a lucrative business, especially for agents dealing with commercial real estate. Proper timing is necessary to achieve success when working with them. Not all property opportunities will work in their intended market, however. This is the major reason it is important to work with the best property developers in the business. […]

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