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Real Estate Agent discussing housing plan with family

23 Oct 2018

HCVP for Low-Income Tenants and Housing Investors

Investing in low-income housing does not need to be high risk. The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) provides low-income families, persons with disabilities, and elderly citizens the opportunity to live in safe housing. Formerly called Section 8 investing, this type of investment is secure. Americas Housing Alliance notes that this also helps the community and serves as […]

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buildings in makati

21 Sep 2018

3 Things To Help You Find the Perfect Condo

Condominiums are a great alternative for people who are looking for a great investment that’s right within the metropolis. However, finding the right property for sale in Quezon City can be a challenge. With all the options available, it’s hard to find the ideal property that’ll suit your budget and lifestyle. Here are a few ways to […]

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two friends fist bumping in a working a space

07 Sep 2018

Office Innovation: The Growing Popularity of Co-working Spaces

According to the Global Co-working Unconference Conference or GCUC, there were 3,205 co-working spaces in the United States in 2017. Ten years prior, there were just 14. By 2022, the GCUC forecasts that this number will grow to 30,432 spaces. This dramatic increase in co-working establishments shows the growing need for workplace flexibility. Networking through […]

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A luxurious, modern home

07 Aug 2018

Luxury Living in the Tri-Cities: 3 Things You Need to Know before Moving to Washington State

Luxury living can mean different things to different people. A nice brew with a good book is enough for some, while a luxury apartment is what others look for. While some of these come with a price tag, there’s something about the tri-cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland), WA, that makes luxury living within reach. Just […]

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Aerial view of a construction site

06 Aug 2018

Which City Has the Most Number of Construction Cranes in 2018?

Seattle ranked as the busiest city in the country for construction projects based on the number of cranes as of June, according to a survey. In terms of building starts, New York City had the biggest value of projects with $15 billion between January and May. The Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas ranked next with […]

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House For Sale

17 Jul 2018

What You Should Know About TIC Real Estate

Many people think real estate is a good investment. It is a reliable source of income, and it appreciates over the years. Of course, bigger properties mean bigger income. Most people cannot buy an office building or apartment complex on their own. However, they can get into a tenancy-in-common or TIC real estate, which firms […]

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Broker feeling bad due to downtrend in trading

11 Jun 2018

Is It Possible to be a Successful Business Broker in a Month?

If you want to become a business broker in only 30 days, it would require patience and the ability to learn several skills in a short timeframe, according to Transworld Business Advisors. Most business owners hire a broker since it allows them to run their company without having to worry about the specifics. A deal […]

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Rental agreement and house key

19 Apr 2018

Renting Property in New Zealand: What is a Tenancy Agreement?

To ensure that you obtain stable and legal tenancy in New Zealand, your tenancy agreement must be in writing. A tenancy agreement essentially spells out all your and your property owner’s responsibilities and rights to minimise the risk of misunderstandings in the future. This is also to make certain that everything is in accordance with […]

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Real estate agent holding a blue print

17 Apr 2018

Five Ways on How to Look for the Best Real Estate Agent

One way of getting yourself one step closer to your dream home is by hiring a real estate agent in Auckland. Real estate agents establish their careers around building connections. However, finding the right one who you will feel comfortable with is essential. So, here are a few tips on how to know if the […]

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"a woman shaking hands with a man in front of recently sold house

01 Mar 2018

Here’s How to Sell Your Property the Smart Way

Tired of having to repost your property on real estate websites just to sell it? Do you hate that you have to deduct a good amount from the price just to entice buyers? There’s no need for you to pay for additional renovations just to get the property off the market. What you need is […]

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