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23 Sep 2014

4 Important Points about Frozen Pipes

The Titanic sank due to collision with an iceberg. Water freezes when the matter shifts from liquid state to solid state, which is mainly caused by outside factors such as temperature. The standard freezing point of water is 0° C or 32° F, given that no impurities are present to cause freezing point depression. Much […]

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24 Aug 2014

Biggest House Remodeling Mistakes That You Should Avoid

A gloomy house may haunt you in your dreams. Even when you spend most of your hours at the office, it is still important to maintain the good condition of your home. You need to constantly rejuvenate its look and check the hidden portions if they need repairs. Many homeowners have probably heard terrifying remodeling […]

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30 Jul 2014

Conservatories or Orangeries?

When deciding how to add value to a property, giving it an extension is one of the best ways to do it. Homeowners can hire artisans to design and build a conservatory for them or an orangery, if that is what they prefer. The question is, are conservatories and orangeries the same? These are not […]

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