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A house's bathroom that's flooded

05 Nov 2017

After Flood Clean-Up, What Next?

What do you do in the 24 hours after a flood? Once the water is gone and you’ve cleaned up, you’ll want to resume your daily routine. Unfortunately, the sad news is flood clean-up in Utah doesn’t end with simply getting rid of the flood water. There’s more to do if you want to keep […]

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A residential water filter

01 Nov 2017

Learn About the Controls of a Water Softener

Before you lease or buy a water softener unit, you should acquaint yourself with its controls and features. Knowing these features could help you discover when something is wrong with the device, even before you call experts on water softener repair in Salt Lake City such as Kinetico Utah. Key controls to observe Water softeners […]

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Water drops on a window glass

25 Sep 2017

Factors to Consider when Getting Custom Window Treatments

Custom window coverings are a perfect way of creating an ambience of elegance in your home. They also protect your home furnishings from sun damage, as well as increase the value of your house through improved aesthetics. Read on to understand why custom-made coverings are a good deal for you. Design When building or furnishing […]

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Watering flowers in garden

21 Sep 2017

4 Gardening Mistakes People Shouldn’t Be Making

Owning a beautiful garden is a dream many people have. Unfortunately, it is also a dream that some never achieve. It is not that they do not have the resources to cultivate the garden of their fantasies, but they make avoidable mistakes that sabotage their plans. If your garden is not flourishing as it should, […]

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lock and keys

13 Sep 2017

4 Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe at Home

A common concern among homeowners is keeping their valuables safe from burglars. With thieves getting more sophisticated every day, you need to stay a step ahead to keep them from targeting your home. But even if they manage to invade your compound, there are still ways you can prevent them from breaking into your house. […]

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Plumber hands doing repairs

28 Aug 2017

Plumbing Basics: Finding the Right Specialist For the Job

At some point, you will need a plumber in your home to install, repair, or maintain your plumbing system or its parts. It’s important to hire a good plumber regardless of the situation or the size and type of the task. Hiring the wrong plumbing company in Salt Lake City may cost you more in the long […]

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Modern Living Room

23 Aug 2017

Home Staging Sells a Home, But Are You Familiar with It?

Home staging involves designing a home for sale to boost your chances of closing a sale, yet there are nuances in doing this. As home prices continue to increase and property listings remain scarce, sellers find the current situation to be a good time to unlock the value of their investments. Stage Presence If you […]

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Woman inspecting the performance of her office air conditioner

08 Aug 2017

Maximize the Efficiency of Your AC Using this Simple Check Guide

Are you feeling the excessive heat of the sun? And now, every time you’re out you’re probably wondering if it’s already summer or if you’re simply experiencing the effect of climate change. If you’re in Utah, Whipple Service Champions recommends installing your AC now to give you the comfort that you need when you come home. Once […]

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28 Jul 2017

Major Production Methods, Markets and Demand for Salt in the U.S.

Salt, or sodium chloride, is a commodity with heavy usage across the world, mainly for the preparation of countless food items, among others. An average person in America consumes roughly 4,600mg of sodium each day, equivalent to close to two teaspoons every 24 hours. The United States’ salt industry is worth billions of dollars; beat […]

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HVAC technician working on a mini-split condensing unit

27 Jun 2017

Safety is A Priority: The Right Way to Deal with Electricity

Today, everyone’s lives depend heavily on electrical power. An hour of blackout is enough to send people into a frenzy. Without power, phones have zero batteries, medical equipment fail, and business operations stop. For this reason, people pay extra attention whenever electricity goes out. Still, it pays to be cautious when you do. Safety is […]

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