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Postpartum Problems

02 Dec 2014

How to Deal with Common Postpartum Problems

Backaches, incontinence, and morning sickness—these are common issues women encounter during pregnancy. Some women experience all the discomforts, while others are lucky and encounter just a few. Whatever the case, though, it is best to be prepared just in case. Marie France Bodyline talks about three of the most common problems women undergo after pregnancy, […]

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processed food

18 Nov 2014

You are What You Eat: 3 Types of Food That are Making You Look Older

There is a reason your skin feels off after days of eating barbecue and drinking strong ales. What you consume affects your skin—for better or worse. No food will age you in a day, but a continuous poor diet and a lifetime of indulging in the wrong choices can certainly accelerate the aging process of […]

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