29 Jun 2018

3 Reasons to Sell a Business in Salt Lake City Now

Most people like the idea of being their own boss. Owning and running a successful business is rare enough that people want to hold on to it. This might make you reluctant to sell even if a good offer comes along. However, as Utah Business Consultants explains, there are some good reasons to sell a business in […]

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Coins falling out of the faucet

21 Jun 2018

3 Ways Bad Plumbing Can Make You Sick

Bad plumbing can cause more than just skyrocketing water bills. In fact, it can leave your family with more bills to pay if you don’t routinely fix bad plumbing issues because it can affect more than just your financial health. It can affect your physical health too. That’s why it is always to address bad […]

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Employees having a meeting

14 Jun 2018

Category Management Plan Ideas That Work

There are various ways to organise the procurement of resources to handle specific areas of spending. Category management plan is an ideal strategic program that aims to reduce the risk in the supply chain and the cost of buying specific goods and services. It likewise aims to gain access to better innovation from suppliers and an overall increase in value […]

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group of young adults

06 Jun 2018

#Adulting Investments: A Guide for Young Adults on Where to Pool Money

Most teenagers don’t have to worry about managing finances yet. At an early age, they still have their parents to support them. Still, it’s always a good idea to start young and learn the tasks that grownups do so that teens won’t be as clueless once they mature into young adults. If you’re fresh into […]

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Piggy bank, paper house, and stacked coins

16 Apr 2018

The HARP Loan in a Nutshell

In March 2009, the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was introduced. It targeted debtors with little to zero equity, promising a refinancing arrangement that could prove more affordable sans the need for acquiring added or new financial insurance. The harp loan program has seen several changes since its inception. For instance, lenders in 2011 removed […]

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Man driving speedboat

05 Apr 2018

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Boat

Are you thinking of making your boat riding fantasies a reality? Does it look like buying a boat can now finally fit in your budget? A boat is a huge investment. You don’t just buy the boat, you also have to consider a dock, maintenance, and everything else in between. Your budget will play a […]

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couple shaking the hand of an agent

03 Apr 2018

4 Top Things to Know When Building a Home Instead of Buying

Among the most difficult aspects of buying a house is getting funding, but getting financing could be more challenging when you’re planning on building a house rather than securing a home loan for buying an existing house. If you want to build than purchase, below are some crucial things to know: You Will Need to Get […]

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money on the table

21 Mar 2018

Proper Financial Management: Key to Avoiding More Debts

Did you know that small business owners have an average debt load of $195,000? In other words, this means that for your organization to remain within the safe debt to credit ratio, you shouldn’t owe more than this amount. Any higher, and you can face interest payments not only more difficult to pay off but […]

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ouple holding keys outside new home

13 Mar 2018

5 Benefits of Owning a House Other Than Having a Passive Investment

Buying a house automatically makes you a real estate investor. This is especially true when you buy a property in a hot market. As property prices increase, your home equity grows passively as well. Over time, you can tap it to get cold cash when you refinance or sell your house down the road. Apart […]

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money fund for retirement concept

05 Mar 2018

Before You Retire, Make Sure You Invest in These Things

For many people, the few years before retirement can be exciting. After working for decades, you’ve almost achieved financial freedom and are looking to spend your golden years enjoying the fruits of your hard work. This is a perfect time to invest your money, so it’s always there every time you need it. Here are three investments you can make […]

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