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Saving Tips for Young Adults

October 16, 2017 Admin 0

Young people often find it difficult to improve their financial status because they can’t save enough money and pay their debts atthe same time. Most people plan to save, but find it difficult to live within their means. Here are a few saving tips for young adults to devise a […]

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Why You Need a Public Adjuster

October 11, 2017 Admin 0

Public insurance adjusters assess the loss of property for the policyholder and assist them in filing insurance claims in return for a fee. These licensed experts work for businesses and individuals, not for insurance companies. National public adjusters can increase value by acquiring the most out of the coverage of […]

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Getting a Mortgage – Guide for the Self-Employed

October 4, 2017 Admin 0

It is possible for self-employed people to get a mortgage but it can be more complex than a standard mortgage application, depending on the nature of the business and the business structure i.e. company, partnership or sole trader. Engaging a mortgage solicitor in London who is also skilled in other […]

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A New Alternative to Costly Credit Cards with Fintech Bread

September 30, 2017 Admin 0

At fintechinvestmentreviews.com we know that when consumers buy items online, the most commonly used method of payment is for consumers to reach for their bank-issued credit card. If the consumer buys something with a bigger price tag online, they may choose to put it onto their credit card and pay […]

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A Homebuyer’s Guide to Preparing for the Big Purchase

September 1, 2017 Admin 0

Some people swear by the merits of renting for life, but there are many who would sooner pay a down payment than another month’s rent. Are you prepared for homeownership? Here are some reminders on how to prepare, if you have your sights on a new house. Check your credit […]

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4 Investment Options in Salt Lake City

August 11, 2017 Admin 0

Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. This city, located in the state of Utah, is starting to become an investment superstar. That said, not all investment options in the city is always a good choice. The following options are good tips […]

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Qualifying and Applying for a Reverse Mortgage Program

July 24, 2017 Admin 0

A reverse mortgage allows you to withdraw part of your home equity. It offers elderly Americans financial security in their retirement years. The proceeds can be used to meet emergency medical expenses, augment Social Security, and make home improvements, among others. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. presents more information about the FHA’s […]

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5 Ways on How the Self-Employed Can Manage Income Smarter

July 7, 2017 Admin 0

More people, especially Millennials, are considering freelancing and self-employment. It comes with benefits like semi-flexible work hours, being able to work at home one day and by the beach the next, and doing away with dirty office politics. However, it comes with its own challenges especially in terms of budgeting […]

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading

June 26, 2017 Admin 0

Forex trading, a currency exchange market, has gained immense popularity across the globe. As a matter of fact, various individuals from all walks of life carry out millions of trades. Forex comes from two terms, “foreign” and “exchange,” thus, it means it’s a matter of swapping or trading currencies from […]