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Condo Living In Makati

05 Dec 2016

Urban Oasis: Inside Rockwell’s Newest Art-Centered Luxury Enclave

The lifestyle of today’s urban Filipinos is a multifaceted one. As Metro Manila becomes denser by the second, personalities and needs evolve. Residential preferences have also shifted from horizontal to vertical. Regardless of the price, condominiums for sale in Makati and beyond have become the neighborhood of choice, replacing cookie-cutter homes in medium density neighborhoods. […]

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07 Nov 2016

The Right Engagement Ring: Three Ways to Save

Prospective grooms often worry about the financial burden that comes with buying an engagement ring. They get hung up with the tradition that their symbol of love should be a diamond or cost at least two months’ salary. The truth is, however, this is simply an extravagant idea. Finding a good engagement ring doesn’t always […]

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09 Sep 2016

Hair Trend Alert: Balayage Waves

Anyone who loves colouring their hair, either fully or with a few highlights, hates how it looks once the roots begin to show. Highlights are incredibly high-maintenance as you will have to run to your nearest salon as soon as it begins growing out. Instead, you can try Balayage highlights, though not all salons offer […]

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17 Aug 2016

Fun Things to Do in Singapore with Kids

Singapore is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer for all types of visitors, especially for families travelling with their children. Your child will have plenty of fun riding until they tire in Universal Studios or exploring the Gardens by the Bay. Theme Park Fun Children of all ages will enjoy a day […]

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16 Aug 2016

Tooth loss: how to deal with a modern taboo

For as long as we’ve had teeth, we’ve been prone to losing them. Fortunately, 21st Century tooth replacement options are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, yet tooth loss remains one of the last few taboo subjects of modern life. If you’ve lost one or more teeth for whatever reason, don’t sit around feeling sorry for […]

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21 Jul 2016

3 Nuggets to Pick the Perfect Palette for Your Party

In any Australian party, the palette can be surprisingly hard to finalise. There’s just no straight answer whether to go for a vibrant ambience or dim setting. Lively and soft lights could change the look and feel of the same venue profoundly. Since many Perth function rooms are themed to the last detail, you must […]

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20 Jul 2016

3 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Perhaps, one of the first major decisions that engaged couples need to make, next to getting married, is choosing the right venue. Some in-demand venues get fully booked several months to a year in advance, so you want to tick that box off your checklist as soon as you can. There are many dreamy places […]

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11 Jul 2016

Bad Treats for Kiddie Teeth

Remember how mom told you too much candy ruins your teeth? Back when you were a kid, the sugary treat is the number one known cause of teeth problems among children. But, the bad treats are sneakier than those colorful gummies and lollipops. Some of these foods are just as bad for kiddie teeth, but […]

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20 Jun 2016

Am I too old to straighten my teeth?

Thanks, at least in part, to the unstoppable rise of celebrity culture, more and more UK adults are looking to cosmetic dentistry to improve the aesthetics of their smile. Men and women alike are looking at their idols and thinking “I want a smile like that.” This increase in demand, coupled with advances and techniques […]

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24 May 2016

Why Proper Family Dental Care is Important

To achieve proper dental health, one needs to visit a dental clinic at least twice in a year for check-ups. However, it is easy to understand why many fail to do so. Gentle Dentist gives a quick guide on the importance of proper dental care. Reasons to Visit a Dental Clinic Regularly There are two […]

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