A children's party

Ideal Party Favors For Your Kid’s Birthday

December 20, 2017 Admin 0

If you’re going to celebrate your child’s 7th birthday by hosting a party, you might as well go all-out. Here are several party favor ideas that could make the occasion extra special: Cowboy Hats A.A. Callister notes that kids’ straw cowboy hats are great party favors, as you can customize them for boys and girls. You can […]

Young handsome guy sitting on basketball camp near the beach

Of Men and Shoes: Why Invest in Footwear

December 6, 2017 Admin 0

In terms of style, shoes are what make a man. They represent how you want to show yourself. Wearing great shoes shows how well-prepared you are for an event or an occasion. For men, they are probably the most important part of your entire outfit. Footwear expert HELM Boots USA, […]

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Make Your Wedding Memorable with the Following Hacks

November 27, 2017 Admin 0

Great weddings take months to plan, and if you and your spouse-to-be want a 2018 Denver wedding, you will have to start planning as early as now. You have to think about the wedding cake, the dress, the dresses of the bridesmaids, the color scheme, even the decorations. Moreover, you […]

artist assisting the bride on make-up and gown fitting

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Dress Fitting

August 1, 2017 Admin 0

Looking for the perfect frock has brought many future brides to tears. For some, finding the one seems futile. For others, the planning and logistics of it all prove to be overwhelming. You can survive through this trying time, however, (and you might even enjoy it) by doing the following […]

Motor boat

Considerations to Make When Buying Used Boats

July 13, 2017 Admin 0

Michigan’s used boat dealers try to make a living from the hunting and fishing season. It is at this time that most buyers try to look for boats that are trustworthy. If you have ever been in such a position, you need to consider a few considerations when buying used […]

Old Jewelry

4 Helpful Steps to Make Old and Dingy Jewelry Sparkle Again

June 13, 2017 Admin 0

To many people, jewelry can hold a sentimental and meaningful value that has been passed down from generation to generation. For all those years, however, those precious pieces might lose their glitz and sparkle, especially if you don’t know how to clean and maintain them properly. Fortunately, there’s something you […]

Leading Your Restaurant to Success: 6 Ways to Make It Happen

February 22, 2017 Admin 0

Running a restaurant is a serious responsibility that requires a great amount of time, commitment, understanding, diligence, and tact. It is largely different from the way media and television displayed it as glamorous, fancy and easy-going. There are in fact a lot of work and sweat involved right before you […]

Beauty Secrets Celebrities Won’t Tell You

December 16, 2016 Admin 0

Do you wonder why the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Kylie Minogue are so beautiful? Is it the team of makeup artists, stylists and doctors that attend to their every need? Or is it the designer clothes and other beauty products that they have access to? Experts in […]

Condo Living In Makati

Urban Oasis: Inside Rockwell’s Newest Art-Centered Luxury Enclave

December 5, 2016 Admin 0

The lifestyle of today’s urban Filipinos is a multifaceted one. As Metro Manila becomes denser by the second, personalities and needs evolve. Residential preferences have also shifted from horizontal to vertical. Regardless of the price, condominiums for sale in Makati and beyond have become the neighborhood of choice, replacing cookie-cutter […]

The Right Engagement Ring: Three Ways to Save

November 7, 2016 Admin 0

Prospective grooms often worry about the financial burden that comes with buying an engagement ring. They get hung up with the tradition that their symbol of love should be a diamond or cost at least two months’ salary. The truth is, however, this is simply an extravagant idea. Finding a […]