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02 Nov 2016

Marketing Opportunities Provided by Native Advertising

Native advertising is a relatively new tool that marketers are using to promote their content through an influencer. Those who use this medium as leverage benefited from its broader reach, but detractors say that it reduces the objectivity of the media used and may mislead readers. Despite its perceived misgivings, advertisers are taking a risk […]

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21 Oct 2016

MAP Policy: How to Properly Set a Minimum Advertised Price

For manufacturers and brands, understanding the identity of your brand is probably the most crucial factor when drafting the most appropriate MAP or minimum advertised price policy for your authorized distributors. Often, identifying the most suitable price as your MAP is difficult because setting a lower price could hurt your brand value and identity, while […]

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Sky Tower in Auckland

17 Oct 2016

Living in New Zealand: Lookout Spots with Spectacular Views

Visiting New Zealand is appealing, but living there is a completely different story. Filled with magnificent hills and captivating peaks, you cannot go wrong in choosing to reside here. Whether you are thinking about purchasing or renting a property, the magnificent surroundings will make you feel at home. You can find most of the spectacular […]

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13 Oct 2016

Welcome to the Big Apple: Organizing a New York-themed Party

New York is the place to go if you want to party. Every corner is full of life, and every street is overflowing with fun vibes. This is why many party organizers use the city’s setting as an inspiration to come up with interesting and attention-grabbing revelries. If you can’t be in NYC now, you […]

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Personalize Shed in Busselton

30 Sep 2016

Build In Your Backyard: Better Choices for Home Extensions

When you plan to add a room or an extension to your home, be prepared to deal with construction debris, dust and even drafts over a certain number of days.  However, there are other ways of adding space to your home without breaking down or adding any walls to your home’s structure. Here are just a few […]

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27 Sep 2016

These Ingenious Tricks will Help You Make the Most out of Your Properties

Owning certain properties means you have the chance to have a good cash flow on a long-term basis, but that does not mean it would happen right away. There are things you can do to help you maximize earnings from your properties — here are some of them. Try to Buy as Much as You […]

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05 Sep 2016

Meetings Shouldn’t Be Boring Time-Wasters: Here’s How You Can Do Them Right

Recent studies show that the problem with meetings is companies not realizing the time they waste — which could be dedicated to being more productive instead. Companies do meetings and conferences for employee improvement, the introduction of new products, budget setting, welcoming new hires, and giving them an overview of the company's culture. There is a way to […]

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26 Jul 2016

Best Practices for PR Campaigns

PR enables you to convey the message you want to your clients; it also allows you to build a strong brand identity and positioning. However, some companies still make PR mistakes that put them in a bad branding position. These mistakes affect their image and put their values into question. Certain practices enable you to […]

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16 Jul 2016

Surviving Your Personal Financial Crisis

Life is not always easy. There are times when financial crisis does come. And when it hits, your payments for bills, loans, and taxes are affected. When that happens, it's important that you know what to do to avoid lifelong regrets. Stick to Budget – Once your financial problems become evident, cut down on your […]

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15 Jul 2016

Make Social Media Marketing Work for You

Are you planning to set a larger budget for your social media campaigns? Throwing huge sums of money at something may seem like a good idea, but this may backfire because of poor allocation and lack of understanding the market. This applies to any online marketing strategy you want to implement. If you want customers […]

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