30 Sep 2016

Build In Your Backyard: Better Choices for Home Extensions

Personalize Shed in Busselton

When you plan to add a room or an extension to your home, be prepared to deal with construction debris, dust and even drafts over a certain number of days.  However, there are other ways of adding space to your home without breaking down or adding any walls to your home’s structure. Here are just a few suggestions.

Build A Tree House Instead of a Playroom – Not only will a tree house add charm to any home, your child would appreciate it more. If you have a large, sturdy tree in your backyard, call an arborist to check its health before calling a contractor to put in the house. By the way, you don’t need to always put a tree house way up. You can also position it nearer the ground for safety purposes.

Build a Shed Instead of a Storeroom – Admittedly, there are certain equipment, tools and heavy machinery that can compromise your family’s safety if they are stored in your Busselton home.  Also, you can personalise your residential shed‘s size depending on your required storage space and yard area. Adding a room connected to your home can be quite limiting.

Build A Patio Instead of a Sun Room – Though a sunroom can be quite appealing, there are DIY Patios that can take only a few hours to install since it doesn’t need walls. Besides, having a patio blend into the backyard garden holds as much appeal as a breakfast room would and can actually create the illusion of added space.

Build A Granny Flat Instead of A Guest Room – Adding an extra room for your guests need not be inconvenient when the construction can be done apart from your main residential structure. Besides, you’d find it easier to rent out a granny flat than a room inside your home if you ever need the added income.

A word of advice: remember to deal only with reputable companies for high-quality materials and sound construction. Ask expert recommendations on what would fit your needs best. Finally, do enjoy your new added space once it’s completed.

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