20 May 2014

Before the Big Day: How a Photographer Creates Lasting Memories during Engagement

engagement albums

When a lady accepts a man’s proposal for marriage, it’s only the beginning. Many events are scheduled after that, each requiring meticulous planning, before the couple can tie the knot. Most would-be husbands and wives prefer to get engaged before they finally walk down the aisle. Some remain engaged for a very long period, while for others, it only takes few months to plan for the official wedding ceremony.

Although marriage is the bigger event, the engagement is the first process of making formal announcements that the couple has decided to come together in holy matrimony. So, much importance is given to celebrations and guest invites when couples get engaged. While the wardrobe, food, guest lists and other related arrangements are important, photographers and photo albums for engagement also take precedence in the planning process.

Duties and Skills

Creating lasting memories in a delightful and colorful manner is the job of engagement photographers. They are able to visualize the event and create memoirs for the prospective bride and her groom to view when they’re older. They use different techniques to achieve this, including creating slideshows, prints, digital photographs, and collages, among others. They capture the most memorable and poignant moments during the engagement ceremony wonderfully. The skill of a photographer helps create engagement photo albums, which can be cherished for posterity.

Choices for Couples

The different features and aspects of the couple’s ceremony can be captured and collected meticulously to make sure nothing is missed. The collection can also include pictures of the couple together before the ceremony, such as the moment the man proposed (perhaps going down on his knees) or the restaurant or beach at which the proposal took place. The prospective bride and bridegroom can instruct the photographer if they have any particular theme or pattern in mind for the collection of photographs.

Design Preferences

After all the photographs have been taken, the couple can go through them and choose the ones they really want in their collection. They can also choose the folder and the binding where these collected photographs will be kept, depending on their desired patterns, sizes, and designs. The exterior of the folder can be made of suede or leathers or any other suitable material chosen by the couple.

One or two good photos can be enlarged and printed. These look very good as wall decorations. Online and digital collection is also a good choice, as they can be stored better on the web or on a CD or DVD. Physical prints and photographs might fade with time. But, the online ones will remain as fresh and colorful as ever.