04 Aug 2014

Better BBQs: Cool Upgrades to Your Outdoor Grill

Summer is never complete without at least one barbecue with your friends. Charred, marinated meat goes well with the pleasant sunny days of the season. Many people enjoy the event, to the point where local communities set up community-wide BBQ gatherings.

But of course, you can still enjoy this the classic way: in the comfort of your own backyard. You can even spice up the occasion in different ways, including these outdoor grill upgrades that will wow all your guests.

Outdoor prep area

When you only buy BBQ grills, the experience seems incomplete, especially when you’re an avid fan of cooking out. Now, if you have some money to upgrade the space, why not consider building a small prep area where you can prepare all your ingredients whilst warming the grill? Pair this with a stylish pergola for your shade and you’re on your way to creating a full outdoor kitchen.


What good is grilled meat without beer or wine? A minibar (and probably a mini refrigerator, too) is one of the perfect upgrades for your outdoor grill, especially when you and your friends gather at your place quite often. This provides a good area where you can converse whilst enjoying a few cocktail mixes that blend nicely with the grilled meat.

Mood lighting

BBQ afternoons go on until after the sun sets, which is why you need adequate lighting if you want to sustain the mood. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the typical white fluorescent lamp; aesthetic mood lighting will create a nice ambiance.

There is much more to your outdoor grill than the barbecue and a classic picnic table. With these upgrades, you can turn your shabby grill into an exquisite gourmet barbecue area everyone loves.

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