26 Jul 2016

Best Practices for PR Campaigns

PR enables you to convey the message you want to your clients; it also allows you to build a strong brand identity and positioning. However, some companies still make PR mistakes that put them in a bad branding position. These mistakes affect their image and put their values into question. Certain practices enable you to boost your public relations and build a stronger brand and relationship with clients.

Strategic Storytelling

Sphere, a Melbourne PR company, cites that storytelling is still an integral part of any public relations campaign, especially if you want to connect with your target audience. Relatable content and personas make your brand seem approachable and ‘real’. Today when manufactured advertisements are the norm, more and more people are looking for authenticity from the companies they want to buy products or use services from.

Using celebrities is no longer the most effective way of selling your brand and creating differentiation unless you have a multi-million budget. Smaller and mid-sized companies can use their own employees as ambassadors for recruiting talented people. On the other hand, these same organisations can use their own customers as their endorsers. Their stories are relatable to the everyday person, enabling you to make a strong connection.

Online Reputation Management

When you make a pitch to editors, they will most likely do a quick search of who you are and what you do. The things they find will either lead them to say yes or turn the piece of content you sent down. This is when online reputation management comes into play. Published content and active social media accounts that a potential client sees online will factor into the decision they make whether to accept or reject your pitch.

These practices are just some of the things you do to improve your public relations image, build a strong position and create a brand identity.

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