16 Dec 2016

Beauty Secrets Celebrities Won’t Tell You

Do you wonder why the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Kylie Minogue are so beautiful? Is it the team of makeup artists, stylists and doctors that attend to their every need? Or is it the designer clothes and other beauty products that they have access to?

Experts in the show business have finally sat down and told all about what their charges do to achieve such amazing results no matter where and when they’re snapped for photos:

1. Massages

No makeup or skincare in the world is going to make you beautiful if you feel awful. That long-wear makeup is going to fall off your skin eventually. The best way to make your product stick to your skin and to look amazing is to feel like it. Celebrities have regular massages that relax them after stressful all-nighters. Runway models also need their bodies toned for the ramp, so a vigorous massage is essential.

2. Teeth whitening

If you find a good offer for tooth whitening, grab it. A megawatt smile is also one of the things you must have to look polished, fresh and attractive. Aside from straight teeth, a stark white set of teeth can look great with any lip colour, notes Fresh Dental. Yellow teeth can imply you have bad oral hygiene.

3. Skincare rituals

You should actively take care of your skin, especially on your face. Don’t use harsh soaps for your skin. Buy a gentle cleanser and a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated during the night. In the morning, make sure you put on sunblock to prevent sun damage. It doesn’t really matter what products you use — what’s important is that you have a skincare regimen and you do it everyday no matter how young you are.

While you may not get the same look as people on the A-list, these three things can definitely raise your appearance to the next level.

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