09 Sep 2015

An Arborist’s Advantage: What They Can Expertly Do


Tree doctors, you say? Yes, there is such a profession. And in Perth where trees are protected by law, the presence of these tree physicians help property owners. But how are arborists better than an experienced gardener?

Cure a Tree

Yes, trees get sick, too. And some eventually die when you don’t identify or treat these illnesses. The age-old solution of just felling a tree because it’s sick is counterproductive, since it takes years or even decades for another to grow.

Letting experts see if a dying tree can still be treated  costs less than buying and replanting the same kind on your property.  With the tree services arborists provide in Perth and other parts of Australia, they are literal tree lifesavers.

Pruning For Health

Though many a gardener can prune garden sculptures from bushes, shrubs or hedges, it’s a different story when it comes to a tree. Removing certain branches and leaves have turned into a science, with arborists doing it to improve a tree’s health or fruit-bearing capacities.

Electric and telephone wires can get in the way of a tree’s branches (although according to telecom companies, it’s the other way around) and pruning becomes a necessity. However, pruning without regard to the tree can make it sick or even kill it. That’s a waste of natural resources.

Effective Transplanting

Cutting down a tree only requires a license and a chainsaw. However, if you intend to transfer a fully grown and healthy tree to a different location due to home renovations or extensions, you need professional help. Transplanting an adult tree will require expertise and even special equipment that most arborists have on offer.

Check the tree companies that have a good and solid reputation for transplanting and replanting trees so you’re sure to have a high success rate for your own request. Look up options online and through your Perth phone book.

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