30 Nov 2015

Add Value to Your Home by Purchasing Sectional Garage Door

Gryphon Garage Doors

Installing a sectional garage door is one of the sure-fire ways of adding value to your home, and securing your car and the other items you store in the garage. Unlike the traditional doors, this one is made of four panels, which, when opened, roll up and become parallel with the garage ceiling.

There are two common types of sectional garage doors.

Steel Doors

They are made from steel, which is not only durable but also sturdy and secure. Most of the manufacturers make the doors more elegant by embossing coatings and patterns that resemble wood. Choose galvanised steel, as it’s rust resistant. The colours will last for decades.

Vintage Doors

This kind of sectional door is common in homes with traditional architectural design. They come with roll up sections that have handles and hinges. This makes it possible for one to operate the door. To conceal the lines between the sections, the manufacturer uses a top panel that has an authentic look.


The sectional garage door is secure because there are no penetration points left from the installation. This means burglars won’t gain access to the garage easily. The door also comes with advanced locking systems to ensure only authorised personnel can open or close it.

Versatility and Practically

Since the door doesn’t swing open, you can comfortably pack your vehicle right in front of your garage as you wait for it to open. Manufacturers and distributors can install the doors in any garage. They can be customised to suit the length and width of the opening.

A sectional garage door is the most viable option if you want a lasting solution. Ensure that it’s installed correctly to get maximum benefits from it.

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