06 Mar 2017

Ad Tips: Making Web Banners Work

Someone working on a computer for digital marketing

Since the onset of the Internet, digital banner ads have become a quintessential promotional material. This has resulted in saturation, which in turn has created a competition where brands need to stand out. This saturation of banner ads has seen formulaic and clichéd executions.

As a brand, you’ll surely want to stand out from the vast sea of banner ads. This may sound like a daunting task, but if you look into the details, things are much easier. A reputable digital marketing agency in Calgary recommends the following:

Less is More

Less is more when it comes to copywriting. Your target audience will not read your ad if it’s heavy with text. The copy should be succinct yet complete—this is where the real strength of a copywriter is tested. Make sure that the copy covers the value proposition. Make it stronger by including a call-to-action; this should lead your customers to your website.

Use More Visuals

As the copy is shortened, you need strong visuals to convey your message. It’s important that you invest in product photography. The product should be framed nicely. Each shot should highlight the strong points and features of what you offer. If you’re offering a service, you may photograph your employees and make them your brand ambassadors. Don’t be afraid to use stock photos legally.

Use Stunning Typography

You need to make sure that your ad copy is readable. This is where typography is necessary. Your text should have a hierarchy to create an interesting contrast and variation. Your choice of typeface should reflect the personality of your brand or complement your brand’s primary typeface.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when creating banner ads. Don’t forget the other elements, such as the colors and shapes. You may choose to work with a reliable design agency to ensure the best outcome.

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