18 Jan 2018

A Simple Guide on the Printing Methods for Your Business Needs

Large format printers

Most businesses currently assume they can do their mass printing jobs in-house. Outsourcing this, however, the only way to get quality and professional-looking prints. One of the decisions you need to make when outsourcing is the printing technique.

There are various options available at Australian companies offering printing services. Woolston Printing notes that your choice mainly depends on your desired print quality and the volume of your job. Here are the most common printing techniques you will come across.

1. Offset Lithography

Offset lithography involves running roller plates through water, followed by ink. It uses the ink for areas with images, while it uses water on the white spaces. This technique allows printing on two sides of the paper and hence is faster.

It is thus mostly used for high-volume orders. Offset lithography also guarantees production of high-quality images. Although, it is difficult to execute customised prints using this method as the printer setup needs constant adjusting.

2. Digital Printing

Digital printing involves directly linking your computer and printer. Digital printers are incredibly fast and hence the ideal option for projects with a tight deadline. This method is the most effective for low-volume printing jobs.

This printing technique allows easy customisation of colour, texts, and images without slowing down your printing time. The colour quality of digital prints cannot, however, match the one offered by offset printing.

3. Flexographic Printing

This method uses printing plates. The printer is speedy and automates other tasks, such as lamination and die-cutting. Experts consider flexographic printing the best method for printing durable labels. The technique is, however, only cost-efficient for high-volume printing jobs.

Wide-format printing is ideal for signs, window displays, and banners. Getting the right printing technique is essential to your project’s success. Work with a well-equipped printing service to determine the best one for your project.

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