23 Oct 2014

5 Important Tips on Running a Restaurant


Many business-minded individuals are entering the food industry. Running your own restaurant, however, is not that easy. There are many things you need to consider, from choosing the perfect location to making your own menu.

If you’re planning to run your own restaurant, here are some tips recommended by Hatch & Co:

1. Identify your food concept

Opening a restaurant usually starts with food concept. From here, you can establish the theme and overall branding. For example, determine if you prefer a steakhouse, classy French cuisine or a quick-service restaurant. Knowing your main recipe can give people an idea of what they can expect from your restaurant. Set clear objectives so you can organise other aspects of your business.

2. Prepare your requirements

It is advisable to prepare your requirements as early as possible. This is to avoid delays when applying for business permits and other legal documents needed. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get approved. In most cases, the authorities may need to visit the location for inspection. Check the local office and make sure to comply with their policies.

3. Hire the right people

Always remember that your staff is the backbone of your business—from your head chef all the way down to your service crew. Run a thorough screening before hiring anyone. Make sure that the people you hire have enough experience.

4. Look for a reliable supplier

Finding a good supplier is a huge factor. Just like how you hire people, make sure you are dealing with a reputable supplier. Ask for referrals. The best way to do this is to search online. Consider reading reviews and testimonials. You should also ask for reference and try to keep in touch with their clients.

5. Empower your marketing strategy

There are many ways you can do to improve your branding. One way to expand your network is to implement online marketing for your business. This is the easiest and most convenient way to boost your image.

Running a restaurant is not that easy as it seems. Just like any other business, you will need a solid plan to be successful.

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