18 Jun 2018

4 Tips for Seeding Your Lawn

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You don’t just wake up in the morning and find that your lawn has become beautiful overnight. It takes time, effort, and resources. One way to go about it is by seeding your lawn, then maintaining it regularly.

As soon as you’ve hired a professional Utah lawn weed control agency such as Greenside Landscaping to help prepare the space, here are tips to go about seeding successfully.

Pick the right seed

If you want the best results, go for a blend of tall fescue seeding varieties. But if you are unsure which seeds will work the best for your area, feel free to talk to a professional for guidance. The light levels can help you know which specific varieties to go for, too.

If your lawn is in a shady region, then you want a shade tolerant variety.

Seed at the right time

Not all the time is the right time for seeding. Fall is the perfect season as seeds can start to germinate during the season and the grass can establish itself throughout the spring. By the time the heat and drought of summer arrive, the grass has already grown fully and can withstand the season.

Ensure there’s adequate moisture

Once you’ve placed seed in the round, you’ll need to get it wet for it to germinate. Keep the seed moist by watering it lightly two or three times every day for a week or so. Afterwards, you can reduce the watering frequency to once a day for about three weeks, and then every other day after this period.

Continue maintenance

As soon as the grass has sprouted, you’ll need to provide continual maintenance to keep your lawn beautiful. This includes raking the leaves off in the fall so the seedlings can get the light they need. You’ll also need to apply fertilizer as appropriate and additional seeding come spring.

Trim it to the right size once it gets tall enough.

Having a lush, healthy lawn takes determination, but it’s something any homeowner can achieve. An important step towards this is by seeding your lawn appropriately.

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