18 Aug 2017

4 Rookie Business Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

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As you launch your business, the enthusiasm is usually palpable, especially if you are a new entrepreneur. Enthusiasm is a good thing and it can propel you to early success. But your fervor could also be your biggest undoing if you do not take the time to make good decisions.

As you begin, beware of these rookie mistakes that could ruin you.

Neglecting your facility

Sure, your new offices are a flurry of activities, but that is no excuse to have a chaotic, cluttered working space. Too busy to take out the litter, clean the surfaces, and arrange things in your office? Then bring in a janitorial service agency in San Diego to help.

Your employees are spending eight hours a day in your facility. The least you can do is make it livable.

Try to do everything at once

If, two weeks after you opened your office, you are pacing up and down trying to please everyone, you will soon run through your resources. You will also experience a physical and mental burnout. Set clear short term and long-term goals and take your time to achieve them.

Smart entrepreneurs know that running a business is not a dash, but a long marathon.

Focusing on cheap clients

If, upon meeting, a potential client insists on getting an unreasonable discount, it is a sign of trouble. Such clients will always come back asking for more offers that are generous and will never be satisfied by your services. They will drain you financially.

So shut the door. Clients who are worth your time and trouble will always be happy to pay for your services.

Overlooking the value of experience

Many young entrepreneurs ignore the importance of experience, especially during the hiring process. They want a group of fresh talent and think that they will train them on the job. That is a big mistake. The cost of training new talent can be incredibly costly in terms of time and money.

Go for a team of well-seasoned experts instead.

If you are set on starting a new business this or have already started one, go on and embrace your passion. However, be careful not to make impulsive mistakes that could sabotage your success.

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