13 Jun 2017

4 Helpful Steps to Make Old and Dingy Jewelry Sparkle Again

Old Jewelry

To many people, jewelry can hold a sentimental and meaningful value that has been passed down from generation to generation. For all those years, however, those precious pieces might lose their glitz and sparkle, especially if you don’t know how to clean and maintain them properly.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to save these prized possessions from breaking apart and here’s how:

Come up with a New Purpose

Create a new masterpiece with your old and dingy jewelry. With the accessories and expertise of a highly skilled jeweler in Utah, you can find a new way to turn it into something more interesting. Some people turn their rings into pendants or add-on dangles on the bracelets. Another interesting way to repurpose old heirlooms is to incorporate them into other existing accessories.

Discuss Your Plan with a Jeweler

Whether it is a simple cleaning or maintenance service, having a jeweler to discuss your plans is a good start. Nothing is more trained and knowledgeable when it comes to handling these gems than them. Besides, this is also a good way to hear out other suggestions than what you have in mind. Who knows, they might even have better recommendations and solutions than what you originally have.

Make It Squeak Clean and Shiny Again

Oftentimes, heirlooms only look like they are ruins because they lack some tender loving care. Right before you even consider going to a jeweler, try cleaning. You’ll see many tutorials online. But this is only ideal given the right materials, tools, and knowledge in cleaning jewelry. If you are uncertain about the whole task, then leave it to the experts.

Store Them In a Secure Place

Don’t just leave your jewelry pieces exposed to air and other harmful chemicals that might get mixed up on the surface. Instead, have a designated box or storage system where you can keep them secure. Doing this will certainly make your trinkets and heirlooms sparkle for years.

Make your precious jewelry gleam and shine even more by strictly following these guidelines. When it comes to handling and cleaning precious gems, you have many options. Just make sure you’re doing things right to get the best results.

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