19 Jan 2016

3 Ways to Prove Your Lender You Can Repay Your Loan

Business LoanApplying for a business loan is easy, but getting approved is the hard part. Everything would have been simpler if your enterprise is already established and has an impressive financial track record. For startups, on the other hand, the process can be tougher.

You can’t just talk to companies offering bank lending to businesses and expect to get financed. They wouldn’t say yes to you unless you can show enough evidence of your capacity to repay a loan. To successfully convince them, you must…

Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Accurate

First, your credit-worthiness is the chief indicator of your ability to repay debts. You can say you pay your credit cards on time and you’ve never been late, but your credit report might tell a different story. Lending is still a business; lenders would have to study your credit history to gauge your credibility.

With this in mind, you must do everything to increase your score. One of the best ways to do it is by ensuring every item in your report is accurate, according to Provincialbank.com. Why? Because a single discrepancy is enough to lower your score big time, which can tarnish your credit-worthiness in the eyes of lenders?

Create a Solid Business Plan

No good business is without a business plan. Of course, you need to show the lenders you’re serious about making this venture profitable, and you’ve studied its ins and outs. Lenders need to know your mission and vision; along with the steps, you’re going to take to achieve your objectives. Only this document can show how ironclad your plan in business is.

Prepare a Collateral

If you’re planning to borrow a huge amount, lenders might also ask for a collateral to make the loan secure. This serves as insurance in case you default on your loan—intentionally or not. Ask the lenders what types of collateral they accept, as it might vary in their preferences.

Proving your ability to repay is the only way to assure your lenders they’re going to see their money back. Lenders are going to take risks by letting you borrow money, so they deserve to have some peace of mind.

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