19 Sep 2018

3 Ways to Get the Most of Your Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Air compressors are critical for every industrial operation and are a reliable source of efficient power. These devices have an impact on the performance of an industry, so it’s important to learn to protect them for the long term.

However, an industrial air compressor must be maintained regularly to ensure that it performs at its best. Here are some of the best practices:

Proper Lubrication

You may need to lubricate an air compressor with lubricants that suit the conditions of your industry. The formulation of lubricants matters and even the quality of lubricants that seem similar may not be the same. That said, it is crucial to use a balanced formulation approach to engineer oil that meets the needs of an air compressor.

Minimise Unwanted Moisture

The damages unwanted moisture causes in an air compressor can take up 5% of a plant’s maintenance costs. Air compressors usually discharge air that can get cooled and cause condensation and accumulation of unwanted moisture in the system. That said, you may need a drier to eliminate the moisture.

Routine air compressor inspection can help remove excess moisture and ensure that the system runs at the predetermined pressure. Your air compressor won’t operate at optimal efficiency if the air pressure drops below 90 psi. It is important to maintain dry air to avoid such a scenario.

Air Filter Prioritisation

The air filter is one of the critical components of an air compressor. It helps clean and cool air that passes through the air compressor. You should also take readings on the compressor to check for excessive restriction or leakage and ensure that the air filters are clean. You can use these readings to know when the air filters fail and make sure you’re using the right filters.

Maintaining air compressors is not an easy task. However, taking the right approach to equipment maintenance can help ensure that every component of works at its best. You could also have your existing maintenance program checked by a professional to make sure your air compressor operates at optimal efficiency.

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