13 Dec 2017

3 Types of Fences for Good Exterior Design

fenceThe balance between aesthetics and functionality has never been sought after as it is now. For example, people no longer look for just a mobile phone that works; they also want it to look good. Even when it comes to fences for the home, the struggle is the same.

The type of fence that people choose should not only complement their home’s exterior design; it should also be secure. Fence installation experts in Sarasota list the different types of fence you can choose to have in your home not only for additional security and for privacy but also for increased curb appeal.

Wrought iron fencing

You have probably seen homes with fences that have funky designs. More often than not, they use wrought iron. These fences are becoming popular because they are not only strong, but they are also beautiful with an innate capacity for customization.

However, these fences require constant upkeep; they need to be repainted and sanded every two or so years. Besides, if you are conservative, they may not be the right pick for you.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences are five times stronger than the usual wood fences and four times more flexible. They are easy to maintain and paint resistant. This means that you can clean off graffiti or stains easily with only soap and a hose.

However, installing these fences has high upfront costs. It is a bargain though because it has a low maintenance cost and a long lifespan.

Bamboo fencing

Bamboo has started to gain popularity in the market as a fencing material. Since it can be grown naturally, it holds a unique allure with green households for its environment-friendly trait.

Additionally, the fact that you can use live bamboo, rolled bamboo, or cane bamboo adds to its attractiveness.

Privacy and security are at the top when it comes to fencing types. However, creativity and design should not play in the background, especially now that there are so many fencing options that combine both functionality and beauty.

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