20 Oct 2018

3 Practical Ways of Maintaining Your Sewer System in Good Condition

cleaning the sewer line

Leaking sewer lines, just like water lines, can result in water damage. In fact, they result in worse situations as they may lead to a bacterial infection around your home. If the affected line contains human waste, a leak can put both you and your family at risk of contracting water-borne diseases.

1. Fix leaking lines promptly

Plumbing experts at All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning share that one can detect the presence of a leaking sewer line almost immediately. That is due to the repulsive smell of its contents. Upon detection, promptly contact a sewer repair company in Salt Lake City to come and salvage the situation. Apart from repairing the leaking pipes, the company may also conduct some cleaning aimed at disinfecting your household items against possible bacterial infection arising from the waste matter.

2. Use soft water

The use of soft water is highly encouraged, especially in areas whose water has high mineral content. High mineral levels can either corrode or clog your sewer pipes, increasing their chances of bursting. Clogged sewer pipes increase the pressure of water along the pipes. A good indicator that your tap water has a high mineral content is the build-up of a white solid around your taps and shower heads. The white solid may either be a salt of calcium or magnesium.

3. Prevent future clogging

As always, preventing a calamity is always wiser than preparing to tackle it. The same applies to sewer lines. It is better and cheaper to take precautionary measures to keep your pipes clear. One effective way is by preventing the passage of food scraps into your kitchen drain. The grease in the food scraps coagulate the particles together, forming a mass that tends to choke up your pipes. The result is an increase in pressure leading to the bursting of pipes or the leaking of joints.

Sewer lines are designed to have a long life. However, their operation is often curtailed when pipes become clogged. The associated corrective measures result in unplanned repair costs, which could otherwise have been avoided or reduced.

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