21 Jul 2016

3 Nuggets to Pick the Perfect Palette for Your Party

Cheering Crowd and FireworksIn any Australian party, the palette can be surprisingly hard to finalise. There’s just no straight answer whether to go for a vibrant ambience or dim setting. Lively and soft lights could change the look and feel of the same venue profoundly.

Since many Perth function rooms are themed to the last detail, you must know a set of colours could create the right mood for your party in mind. To figure out which fusion of hues creates the perfect harmony, take note of the following advice from Victoria Park:

Scheme is the Spirit of the Theme

You can achieve different kinds of effects if you play with colours. If you want to balance a variety of shades, a monochromatic scheme would do the trick. If you prefer a pattern with one primary colour and an array of secondary hues taking the backseat, then an analogous scheme is the right direction to take.

The former is perfect for simplistic designs, while the latter suits you well if you desire a richer effect.

Relationship between Colours and the Brain

Psychology tells you that every colour produces a unique effect to the viewer and its surroundings. Red arouses the appetite and stimulates aggression; yellow makes the ambience friendly; and blue has a great calming power to the mind.

As the colour of the unknown, black is apt for spreading an air mystery around the venue. If you want to obscure the emotion and conceal the privacy of your guests, dimming the lights works best; otherwise, keep the venue bright.

Brand, Brand, Brand

As themed parties are common in corporate events, it pays to stick to the colours that represent your brand. Apart from highlighting your company’s trademark qualities and staying in line with your values, it just doesn’t feel right if you suddenly use a different colour scheme in your own corporate gathering.

Choosing your party colour based on your event’s purpose is a good rule of thumb. In any case, you should be particular with your choice of palette to colour your celebration with its appropriate atmosphere.

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