08 Dec 2017

3 Important Things to Know When Using a Radar Gun

Police holding a radar gun

Fastballs and baseball pitches are just some of the things that can be measured by a radar gun. Based on the concept of a Doppler radar, this device has undergone a lot of evolution from its first model, which dates back a couple of years just after the World War II.

Convenient and easy to use, these are just some of the results of its upgrades. But more importantly, a Stalker radar gun should offer a high degree of accuracy. Yet, there are some questions when it comes to this feature – how accurate can a radar gun measure speed? Radar Sports, LLC has the following answers:

Angle affects accuracy

According to experts, the most common mistakes in getting the correct speed happen on how the device is held. The degree or angle of how one holds the speed measuring equipment greatly affects the accuracy of reading the speed.

To preserve the accuracy of reading the speed, the holder must maintain an angle of no more than 10 degrees. Measuring the speed above 10 degrees decreases the accuracy of the result.

Accuracy vs. range

Aside from angle, another important thing to consider is the distance between the entity of which the speed is being measured and the person who is measuring the speed.

Measuring while moving

Another important feature of speed measuring equipment is being able to measure speed even when the person taking the speed is on the move. The integration of a second Doppler radar has made this scenario possible where the second measure the speed of its holder.

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