06 Sep 2016

3 Hacks to a Pest-free Dining Establishment

You might have seen news about incidents where people find critters in their food while dining out. The outrage that follows it is enough to ruin any good business. While it’s true that any restaurant business wouldn’t engage in such behavior, you wouldn’t truly know what pests are up to.

Nevertheless, those insects will show up without an invitation — and in the most embarrassing way. There are cases when restaurants had to pay a substantial amount of money for settlement, leaving a sizeable dent in their finances. Rather than take chances, you might as well eradicate pests from your restaurant.

Hire a Pest Control Service

Many laws and regulations govern the suitable pest management methods for restaurants and other dining establishments. As such, you could endanger lives and even pay steep fines for failing to comply. Hire a credible pest control service in Irvine or anywhere in California to give you advice and keep your operations going.

Dispose of Your Garbage Properly

Dining establishments generate a huge amount of waste, including food leftovers and peels. Without proper garbage disposal, your dumpster equates to an all-you-can-eat buffet for all kinds of pests. You are likely to have an army of flies invading your premises, not to mention the rodents sniffing their way in. Train your employees on proper garbage disposal to avoid these from happening.

Keep Your Premises Clean

Any kitchen is a haven for pests due to the abundance of food. Avoid leaving piles of dirty dishes in the sink and use proper cleaning products to keep your floors, bins, and equipment clean. Ineffective sanitary procedures create optimal breeding conditions and encourage pest infestation. Clean the food storage area thoroughly on a regular basis, as bugs like warm and dark places to hide and breed.

Many dining establishments often engage in problematic pest invasions without a proper and permanent solution in sight. Keeping pests off your restaurant takes a bit of effort, but with the right approach, you can keep your premises clean and safe.

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