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4 Warning Signs: Know These Signs of Alcoholism to Save a Life

walk away from addictionAlcoholism is a plague that is crippling the nation, one family after the other. Given that drinking alcohol is part of social customs and tradition for many cultures, it is normal to drink occasionally. Going overboard and abusing it, however, is another story. The problem may lead to alcohol addiction. Sadly, the abuser is not the only one affected; even their family and friends can experience the dire hold of the addiction.

It is difficult to see someone you love suffer from alcoholism. It can weaken relationships and destroy bonds. According to professionals working in alcohol rehab Ogden families trust, intervention is critical in saving someone from the affliction and guiding them to recovery.

Fortunately, signs of alcoholism are not that difficult to miss. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from this problem, here are some common signs to look out for:

Making excuses to drink

Alcoholics often lose control of how much alcohol they are consuming. Whenever they feel the urge to drink, they often make up excuses just to go and have a few. Some even frequent different stores each time to hide the fact that they are buying.

Weight Loss

Those who are already dependent on alcohol typically neglect their health and wellbeing. As they prioritize satisfying their craving for alcohol, they often suffer from loss of appetite, resulting in severe weight loss.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Some want to recover from alcoholism, but experience withdrawal symptoms once they stop drinking. This can range from excessive sweating, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia, among others.


Lastly, depression can worsen the condition of alcohol dependents. At this point, those with the problem may be irritable or averse to social interaction. It is during this time when your help is important.

You can be the difference in someone’s life. Look out for these possible signs of alcoholism and do not hesitate to ask for help once you are sure your loved one is suffering from it.

How Wood Shutters Add ‘Oomph’ to Your Windows

Wood ShuttersCurtains and blinds are not the only means to beautify your home. When you are particular about the look of your windows, you can install shutters.

One look at window shutters would make you think twice whether to install them because they look expensive. In choosing the right kind, though, you have the option to pick the wooden type to save yourself from becoming broke.

Why Wood Shutters

Though there are varying shutter styles and types, wood shutters provide more personality and style that would definitely make your home stand out. Wooden ones are very resilient against sun damage compared to other types that when exposed, they easily form cracks and break.

Wood shutters are also one of the popular choices of homeowners because they provide natural insulation. If you are worrying about your towering energy bills, then installing wood shutters, says, is a great way to lessen your money problems. Plus, wood shutters are very affordable.

Average Cost of Wood Shutters

The cost of interior wood shutters range from $150 to $750 depending on the type of wood used, complexity and size of the panel. This range already includes the actual material, labour cost for the installation, as well as the needed supplies and tools.

To install wood shutters yourself, then you only have to buy the shutters plus the needed supplies and tools which could range from $60 to $500. You have the option to settle for the cheapest price or the middle price to save money.

So your home can look as stunning as it could be, you won’t regret purchasing expensive ones as they are guaranteed to be of high quality. No matter how cheap or expensive your wood shutters is, regular care and maintenance is required to assure longevity.

Paint Your Walls like an Expert

Paint Your Walls

The walls are one of the most noticeable parts of your home, and the colours used say much about your style. Repainting these surfaces is one simple way of making your home look and feel new again.

Painting requires a steady hand and a creative mind. If you’re good with colours and know what style you want for the walls, you could paint them yourself. To guarantee a professionally done paint job, however, you may consider hiring commercial painters. in Perth and other painting services can help update your walls to the colours you want.

Here are some tips on painting your walls the professional way:

Marking your territory

Clean the walls of any dark marks or grime before starting the project. You should also consider applying tape to protect areas which should not be painted. Doing so allows you to paint over areas without worry. Cleaning and mask the chosen areas and then apply a primer so that it is easier for the paint to stick to the wall. Primers will also help cover up the old colour of your walls.

Using brushes and rollers

Rollers aren’t just for professionals. They save you time, as rollers are handy for covering wide spaces. Use brushes for smaller areas and if you need to paint over edges or over trims. Knowing when and how to use the proper tools ensures minimal effort on your part. You will also avoid covering up costly mistakes later on.

Following these tips can greatly improve the outcome of your painting job. Some research on the paints you will use is also advisable. Reading up on the product information, as well as consulting with painting professionals, will give you a better idea on which type of paint would work best with your walls. Of course, working with a professional is still the best solution to avoid costly mistakes and other issues that may just add to the problem.

Why 2015 is a Great Year for Real Estate Investments

Real EstateAre you thinking of where to put your money this year? While the AUD is not doing so well compared to the USD, real estate is starting to look like the place to invest in for 2015.

Residential Booms With Rising Prices

According to CoreLogic RP Data’s index, “the average growth in home values across the major capital cities was 8.4 per cent year-on-year, led by Sydney’s 12.7 per cent growth and Melbourne’s 7.8 per cent rise.”

More people want to have newer, better homes, and buyers are picking things up just as fast as people are selling them. Prices are rising and if you want to get the best price on your house in the next decade, 2015 is the best year to do so.

But, What About the Commercial Scene?

For 2015, investors are more lively and bold than ever before. According to a report made by Collier’s International, Australian investors are picking up commercial property investment as their new game plan.

Considered the most confident investors in the world, Australians are looking at offices and shopping centres as the best properties for the year.

Sydney and Melbourne scene

The two cities have similar available space in terms of their central business district and share the same vacancy rates and rent prices. If you’re thinking of a location of a commercial property investment, then these two cities may be where your money should be!

According to market studies, Sydney and Melbourne show the highest number of both residential, commercial and mixed-use developments thanks to the increasing population. New people are coming in to live nearer to where they work—which means more spaces and more shops to cater to their needs.

So, What are You Going to Do About it?

Engaging an investment firm can help you grow your money in leaps and bounds this 2015. Make sure you ask the right questions and stay on top of your money before signing anything.

Six Things You Have to Know When Buying Property

Prime estateLooking at advertised properties is a remarkable sight, especially if you are planning to buy one. Without a set budget, you can easily give in to some transactions that are not good buys. Nevertheless, being meticulous is a virtue when it comes to real estate deals and can make you avoid wasting money on bad investments.

  1. Open houses can open up your eyes: Not all properties published online are good because of Photoshop and other technological breakthroughs. You can try your luck at open houses to see other options.
  2. Referrals add up to trust: A friend’s friends may know of somebody looking to sell property. You can save on working with agents, but problems may arise when it comes to documentations and other charges and procedures. In this case, you need a solicitor to look into the deal.
  3. Local agents know best: The site says looking for a hostel for sale in a particular location requires the help of an agent familiar with the place. This assures you more options, along with fast and easy access to contractors, appraisers or lenders.
  4. Conduct an ocular inspection: This makes you see the actual condition of the property. You will have firsthand account of the amount of renovation you need, furniture and fixtures previously installed, and whatever you need to add.
  5. What costs you extra: Buying one at a low price should make you think about additional cost for survey, stamp duty, legal fees; or valuation fees if you are acquiring property from a lender.
  6. Look at the property from another perspective: Look beyond the remodelled appearance of your prospective property and think about its future value. This is what made buy and sell entrepreneurs rich. In case you choose to sell it in the future, the assurance of higher revenues is inevitable.

As real estate experts say, small mistakes can cost large. So, be sure to follow this guide to assureyou of a good outcome in the end.

Choosing the Best Type of Pool Glass Fencing in Perth

Pool Glass Fencing

Swimming pools always add value to property in Perth, more so when enclosed in glass fencing. Glass fencing is becoming more popular nowadays for pool fencing because they do not obstruct the view from the house. It makes the pool look bigger. It is also easier to maintain and keep clean because it does not rust or sustain water damage like chain link and wood fencing.

Reputable companies make sure that the glass they use is tough enough to meet Australian safety standards. There are several types of pool glass fencing available, and the following are some options.


As the term implies, framed glass fences make use of stainless steel or aluminium posts anchored on the ground or concrete to surround the glass sheets. They are typically the most affordable of the pool glass fencing types, but may not look as attractive.


This type of fencing also uses posts, but typically on only the sides of the glass panel, Perth City Glass explains. Some semi-frameless fences include a bottom frame as well. The metal frames are bolted on or drilled into the ground.


Frameless fences do not have any posts between glass panels, providing a seamless, transparent look to it. Embedded fixtures called spigots on the ground secure the glass panels. This is the most expensive of the pool glass fencing types.

In general, glass panels are between 8 mm to 12 mm thick. The standard for frameless fences is 12 mm thick bevelled glass, which is why they are the most expensive. Most contractors will not work with glass panels that are more than 2,000 mm long because there is a high chance that it will break or bend. Most glass fences come with self-locking gates.

Glass fencing is an ultra-modern alternative to pool safety, and homeowners now invest in the best glass fencing solutions that they can afford.

Are You Qualified for a Cash Advance Loan?

YesAt some point in life, you may encounter financial challenges. Keep in mind that there are easy and legal ways to get the money you need. A cash advance loan, for instance, allows you to get a particular amount you can use until your next payday. It’s a convenient option, especially during emergencies and those times when you need extra cash for anything.

A cash advance is ideal if you need cash to cover unexpected or unplanned expenses. It’s also a good source of money for the rent, groceries, financial obligations, or any other important things. Knowing how this type of loan works is important to see if you can qualify.


While there is no collateral needed to qualify for a cash advance, you must have a stable source of income. Lending companies want to know that you are earning enough money to pay the loan on your next payday or within a month. Typically, a representative from the company will ask you to fill out a form and provide personal and employment details. After verifying the information, the lender will process your application and inform you whether you qualified or not.

Credit History

Some lending agencies, such as Utah Money Center, do not require a perfect credit score. They may check your credit history for security purposes, but they’ll give you the chance to qualify for a loan and get the cash you need.

Loan Amount

Whether you qualify or not depends on the amount you are requesting from the lender. You’re likely to gain approval if the amount you’re asking for is reasonable or fits the credit limit based on your monthly income. Talk to the financing specialist to find out how much you can borrow.

It’s good to know that there’s a quick way to get cash when need arises. Start comparing rates offered by lending companies to get the most out of your cash advance loan.

Your Budding Business: Why Renting is the Best Choice

BusinessDuring 2009-2010, there were approximately 1.8 million business owners in Australia. StartupAUS, a company dedicated to helping start-up businesses with their ventures, says that this is the right time for Australia to get into tech entrepreneurship.

Like all businesses, if you were to have your own, it is important to have your own office. Not only would it cost a lot to buy your own, it would also be impractical—even more so if you built your own.

Here is why renting out a commercial property is the best choice for your new business venture.

Time Restraint and Extension

There is no saying how your business will do, so having a temporary space for your venture’s operations is your best move, since buying your own will entail commitment that you’re not sure you can uphold.

Therefore, it is best for you to find a place you can rent out. suggests commercial properties for lease listings will give you a wide range of choices, so you are sure to find the perfect space for your business—for both big and small businesses.

Space Maximisation

It is not always easy to shell out money, especially if you are running low on funds. Renting out properties may help you become thrifty, and make practical decisions. Not only will you save your money, you can also make the most of what you can afford, a skill proven essential for starting your own business.

Increase Collaboration

This is the product of space maximisation. With little space comes closer proximity, and this creates better ties among employees. Not only will this create synergy, it will also test your unity and teamwork. Indirectly, teamwork and unity minimizes workforce, lessening costs, and liabilities—which is also favourable.

Keep in mind that starting a business is always risky, so taking the necessary precautions will help you with damage control, if there may be. As they say, “Expect the worst, and hope for the best.”

While it is good for your business to take chances, it is good to secure your finances to the best of your abilities—it is better safe than sorry.

What Makes a Logo Iconic?

LogoLogo designs are partly the things that cause companies to be famous. These make it easier for people to remember a particular brand. People usually see the logo first and remember the company’s name later.

No wonder these companies are willing to spend money just to create a recognizable image of their companies. Just what are in those iconic logo designs? Here are some ideas:

Clear-cut message

Although companies try to make their logo designs creative and fun as much as possible, they make sure that the message is not lost. Logo designers such as Red Rider Creative explained that the business side knows not to put form in place of function. Companies make sure that they strike a balance between creativity and purpose in their logo designs.

Less is more

Most companies now prefer simpler logo designs. They find that people can easily recognize and understand their logo designs if they have fewer words and fluff. Apart from that, companies also tend to make simpler designs so that they can easily apply them in advertising campaigns and equipments like televisions, billboards and even shirts.


People can only imagine how much money companies pay to create iconic logo designs to make sure it is not similar to any other brand. Some even file lawsuits against other companies for replicating their company logo. For them, the logo alone should set them apart from their competitors.

Consistency is the key

Companies want to make sure that consumer remember their products easily through their logo designs. That is why they almost never change their logo designs. Even if they do, they only make few tweaks. They want people to recall their logo and company by sticking to the same logo for a while.

While logo designs makes brand recall easier, people have to keep in mind that they don’t guarantee loyal customers and sales. They still have to market their products and services effectively. Part of those efforts is to come up with logo designs that are simple, understandable, unique and consistent.

Take 5 Checklist Doesn’t Take More than 5 Minutes to Understand


Those who work in the construction industry are exposed to higher levels of risks, and face the possibility of injury, some of which can even be fatal. Even if the construction of buildings and other infrastructure are profitable business opportunities, you cannot deny that a lot of construction workers have lost an arm or even died while on site.

Due to the risks of working in construction sites, lawmakers and safety and health practitioners have developed tools and methods that aim to protect builders, carpenters, and machine operators. says Take 5 checklists are the foremost hazard assessment tool that took years of brainstorming, data-gathering, and planning. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Stop and Think

Before performing your tasks, stop and asses yourself: do you have the necessary skills and knowledge for it? Can you remember and closely follow a procedure that has been set by the experts in your field? Check your tools and equipment, too, and secure a permit before you work.

Identify the Hazards

There are 5 hazard categories you need to consider: people, mechanical, gravitational, environmental, and others. Be mindful of your colleagues, check your machines, and remember the basic lessons from high school physics. You must also assess your work environment to secure visibility and take note of exhaust fumes, extreme temperatures, and noise and vibrations. Identify chemical, electrical, and radiation factors as well before you work.

Assess the Risks

As an individual, you should also conduct a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). This allows you to review the tasks, hazards, and controls for your work and serves as your hazard checklist. Separate and heavier responsibilities fall on supervisors and other work leaders.

Make the Changes

When you have paused for a while and identified and assessed the hazards involved in your work, you now need a risk control plan. When something happens, you should be prepared for any scenario especially because of critical time factors. Control the risks and you also control the health and safety in your workplace.

Do the Job Safely

When you have finished taking care of your responsibilities, make sure your supervisor acknowledges the 4 previous steps in this checklist.

It does not take more than five minutes to understand the Take 5 checklist. Through this tool, you can help reduce accidents in the workplace, promote safety, and become responsible employees. You may even save someone’s life.