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Commercial Floor Mats – Why are They a Necessity?

Floor Mats

Floor mats are essentials for all commercial spaces. They are a necessity in offices, stores, schools, hospitals, libraries to name just a few. Placing them at the entrance to any room or lobby will keep the dust and grime away.

This makes cleaning and maintaining these spaces easier. Additionally, the advantages of these accessories are varied and many in number.

Some reasons why these are essential and indispensable are listed below :

• These can stop nearly eighty percent of the dirt and dust that can enter public spaces from outside. This maintains the cleanliness of interior spaces, including carpets and rugs which are difficult to clean.
Floor Mat Systems adds that since cleaning becomes simpler, offices and other establishments spend less on cleaning and maintenance of the interiors. Maintenance workers would use vacuum cleaners less, saving electricity.
• From less dust gets carried inside, the staff and residents in these buildings do not suffer from allergies. Productivity improves as attendance will be full in all seasons.
• Dust and dirt will add to your computer woes, as these systems are sensitive to them. By keeping dust at bay, your computer malfunctioning issues will reduce considerably.
• Placed strategically in areas where there are maximum foot traffic preserves the floor finish, making it last longer.
• They are also skid-proof and help prevent accidents due to slips at stores and work spaces.
• You can customize and style them to suit your office or store. Good attractive ones can attract clients and customers. Well-chosen mats are a sign of your good and elegant taste.

Thus, these accessories, besides keeping commercial spaces spic and span, they are functional and provide a whole range of benefits. They are available in many styles and made of easily washable material such as rubber or plastic.

Having them at your office, store or hospital can lighten your load and help you maintain a hygienic environment. Since they can make a huge difference, find a good store and buy them to suit your requirements.

Prepare Your Home for Winter with a Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap

Winter might not have officially started, but it has already made its presence felt across the country in recent days. It is that time of the year again when you have to spruce up the fireplace to make sure it stays warm indoors. Getting the fireplace ready also involves thinking about the chimney above, too

The best way to attend to the chimney in your Salt Lake City house would be to call in the professionals, according to Cypress Metals & Laser Cutting. A proper assessment of the current condition of your chimney requires skill and the use of special tools, so it pays to get expert help instead of doing it on your own. If you think that a cap is just an additional expenditure, then read the following reasons for the installation that will compel you to think otherwise:

Reduces Moisture

A chimney cap can help reduce moisture coming down from the chimney into your home. Rain or snow water can easily damage the stainless steel liners in the chimney , which will inevitably lead to mildew growth. All of these will weaken the chimney structure, which is something you do not want to happen at all.

Keep Animals Out

With the cold biting them, small animals such as rodents and squirrels are likely to make the warm chimney their home during winters. While these animals can easily enter the space, many have a difficult time getting out. The result is their death, which invites decomposition and growth of maggots inside your chimney. Not only is it unhygienic, it will also subject you to unpleasant odors.

Prevents Downdrafts

With a chimney cap in place, you can stop worrying about a winter downdraft blowing back the fireplace smoke into your home.

Stops Sparks and Embers

Chimney caps act as effective spark and ember arrestors and prevent lit embers or sparks from the fireplace from landing on your roof and turning into a major fire.

Prevent Accumulation of Debris

Finally with a chimney cap, you can prevent the accumulation of leaf, twig, and branch debris which could block the chimney.

Fit a chimney cap this year and forget about all woes concerning an open chimney this winter. Make sure everyone has a great time sitting by the fire instead of worrying about the state of the chimney.

Applying For A Green Card? Know Which Forms To Fill

Green Card

A green card is your ticket to becoming a permanent resident in the United States. As per the family laws issued by the government, anyone from your family living anywhere in the US, including Provo can apply for a green card for you. The application process can even begin through a job, a special or financial status.

No matter how you apply for the green card, there are certain specific forms to be filled that are a part of the application process. Family law specialist Kim H. Buhler P.C. noted the following guidelines:

Form I-485

This form is to be filled when you apply for a green card through a family member or through any other status. Take note, however, that this form is not required if the application is being made through an employer. Details regarding this form include:

• An application fee of approximately $1000
• Biometric fee of $85 included in the application fee
• Applicants above 70 years need not pay the biometric fee
• Application fee of approximately $600 for applicants under 14 years
• Requirement for additional paperwork such as birth certificate as set by the USCIS

Form I-130

This form is the petition for an alien relative and is to accompany the Form I-485 if the application for the green card is being done through a family member. If the application is a direct family member of the US citizen, this form can be filled and submitted along with the Form I-485. In other cases, Form I-130 is to be submitted first. You must then wait for a visa number which you will get after this form’s approval and then submit the form I-485.

Form I-765

This form is meant for green card applications through employers. When filled along or after Form I-485, no application fee is necessary. If it is being filled as an extension of authorization, then a fee of approximately $300 must be paid.

Form I-864

This form is an affidavit of support and demonstrates that the applicant has the financial means to reside in the US on a permanent basis and that person will not be dependent on welfare support. Along with this form, you must provide supporting documents such as employment proof, tax returns etc.

The Magical Price: Why do Most Prices End in .99?

Prices End in .99

Long-time retailers and business owners usually end their prices in 0.99. While this tactic is not new, studies show it is effective in attracting shoppers. Historians cannot exactly determine who established this pricing strategy, but consumer behavior experts know why this trick is hard to resist.

Psychological Pricing

Studies show that 0.99 is a figure that gets people to think of the price differently. The idea is that instead of thinking of $29.99 as a value of$30, people would think of it as a price in the 20s. Marketers call this concept psychological pricing.

This uses the consumer’s emotional response to drive sales. According to PriceManager, the 0.99 strategy attracts customers who feel like they are getting a temporary prices reduction. It appeals to the emotional side of the consumer instead of their rational side.

Left Digit Effect

The left digit effect is based on the idea that people read from left to right, and the first digit of the price resonates with most of the people. This is probably the reason most customers are more likely to buy a product that costs $1.99 than one that sells for $2. This is simply because the first price seems like a better deal than the second price, even if there is only a difference of one cent.

People simply overweigh the left hand number. Robert Schindler, professor of marketing at Rutgers Business School said, “It is like when a 39-year-old turns 40, the birthday feels like a big deal or when 1999 ends and 2000 starts. It feels like an emotional difference.”

The Power of Nine

According to Harvard Business Review, 0.99 makes the product appear to be discounted or on sale. Some consumers also believe that they are getting a better deal with a price ending in 99 cents, even if the discount is just minimal.

A research from the University of Chicago found that when the price of margarine dropped from 89 to 79 cents, the sales improved by 65%. Kenneth Wisniewski, an author of the study, said that when it hit 69 cents, the sales rose by 222%.

The use of 0.99 gives a signal that a product is in the lowest price available. Retailers use this strategy to send a message that the item is worth buying or has been recently marked down.

Considerations When It Comes to Lake Houses

Lake Houses

There are a few rules on how people can determine the potential value of a piece of land. The most important is location: if the land is next to anything noteworthy, it has to be worth something. There are a few areas and establishments that can potentially boost the value a few more points.

Different things raise value at many levels, and real estate agents are always trying to sell the big one. For example, houses for sale Point Cook has to offer could be a home buyer’s dream, while those next to the highway might be a bit on the low side. A property right next to the lake, however, will prove to be valuable.

Nothing says fancy living than residing next to a body of water, and a lake is perfect, as most beaches are miles away from CBDs. Most families would love to have the opportunity of owning a lake house, but parents should always remember that with great locations come great responsibility – in this case water safety.

It’s important for any family living near a body of water to always supervise the children, maybe even limit their access for their own good. Another consideration will be the sun. Find out if the lake house gets to enjoy the sun in the morning or in the afternoon. In addition, determine if the place offers expansion possibilities. The waterfront location can be limiting at times, after all.

The lake itself can be a factor. Is it rocky or sandy? Is there any wildlife present in that particular body of water? These questions are relevant as these will have a say in your convenience living in the house.

Living in a lake house has many benefits that homeowners will surely be satisfied. Think thoroughly before making this important purchase decision.

You are What You Eat: 3 Types of Food That are Making You Look Older

processed food

There is a reason your skin feels off after days of eating barbecue and drinking strong ales. What you consume affects your skin—for better or worse.

No food will age you in a day, but a continuous poor diet and a lifetime of indulging in the wrong choices can certainly accelerate the aging process of your skin, making you look older.

Here are some types of food that are adding years to your face.

Salty Food

A little salt in your food is not bad. Too much can cause swollen fingers and thick ankles, as well as kidney disease and high blood pressure. None of these things can make you look young and vibrant.

You might not cook with salt, but that does not mean your intake is low. Canned foods are high in sodium, so avoid them. If you need a quick fix, The Wells Suite recommends applying a moisturiser that contains caffeine, known to reduce puffiness. For a more permanent solution, you can try facelift and brow lift for a younger looking appearance.

Charred Meat

The black char in your burger may contain substances that can break down the collagen of your skin. Meat heated at high temperatures, maybe 300 degrees, can trigger the production of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) — substances that are making you look older.

You do not necessarily need to avoid barbecue altogether, but make sure to remove the black part before eating the meat.

Processed Food

Processed meat has preservatives, which can lead to inflammation in the skin and accelerates signs of aging. Refined grains like white bread, chips, and crackers can increase the inflammation, too; they also contain high amounts of salt. This will hinder your efforts trying to lose belly fat.

Replace the deli meat for lean meats, such as chicken or turkey. Natural food, like fruits and vegetables, has anti-inflammatory properties, too, so load up on them.

You are what you eat, as they say. If you want to look your age, or at least younger than your age, avoid salty, processed, and charred food, load up on healthier choices, and look for ways to reduce those aging lines.

Repurposing an Old Shipping Container and Transforming it into a Kitchen

Old Shipping Container

The constant movement of goods across the globe has resulted in an excess of shipping containers in major port cities. A growing number of these huge metal boxes are sitting idle in junkyards, which is why people everywhere are finding ways to repurpose them.

According to Integrated Container Logistics, the primary use of repurposed container is still limited mostly to residential and commercial storage purposes. This is not surprising, considering that the metal boxes really are perfect for the said purpose. A growing number of people, though, are redefining what it means to give new life to shipping containers. Apart from alternative housing solutions, there is also a growing movement that now transforms these huge boxes into industrial stationary and mobile kitchens.

A Growing Trend

Food concepts have evolved the world over and the same is true even in Australia. From Perth to Sydney to Darwin to Canberra, there is a growing demand for concepts like food trucks and mobile caterers. It is for the same purposes that shipping containers can be useful.

Most people think that food trucks are limited only to the standard, well, truck. What most do not realise is that containers are ideal for this, too. These metal boxes are spacious enough to hold industrial kitchen equipment, and can be customised accordingly.

Food Trucks and Catering

Venues without a built-in kitchen—these are the bane of caterers everywhere. Simple as it might be to set up a kitchen outside and under tents, there is always the problem of rain and other disturbances. Given that shipping containers are a confined space where proper ventilation can be set up, it makes the perfect space for a mobile kitchen. This is a concept that larger catering groups have given thought to, evident in the number of containers now used as mobile kitchens.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to repurposing an old kitchen container. Think about your business goals and get in touch with a qualified provider to get started on the repurposing of a container today.

Buying A Caravan Park: Things To Consider

Caravan Park

Caravanning has gained immense appeal recently among families, when compared to visiting places abroad. Caravanning is more reasonable in terms of cost, and a great way for a family to spend quality time together. Many times, a family may stop their caravan in a caravan park, where many other caravans have also stopped.

Since caravanning has become a preferred mode of holidaying, the need has also risen for larger number and areas of caravan parks, or RV parks. Owning or running a caravan park is a good source of income.

Before you begin investing in a caravan park, here are some things to consider:

1. Location: A good location for a caravan park draws in a larger number of caravans, so if the park is in an area that has few caravan parks nearby, the chances of passing caravans stopping at your park is higher.
2. Price: The pricing of the park is important. Consider the funds you have at hand, and how much you are willing to invest. QLD-based Resortbrokers.com.au, a caravan park broker, advises amateur investors to start with a small, low-end park and then expand as their business progresses.
3. Scenery: People usually prefer scenic parks as a place to stop their caravans. Well-maintained, clean parks with a lot of greenery attracts the most caravanners.

Factors to Consider Before Investing

Prior to buying a caravan park, perform market research: compare the prices of various parks, and assess their value first. In addition, find parks that agree with your budget, and make an informed decision. Consult a bank, if you need financial assistance, on various factors before you choose which park you can buy.

You also need to look at the personnel and staffing issues. Hire a manager to oversee the running of the park, but gardeners, security personnel, and the like are necessary.

Caravan parks are good investments, especially with the coming boom of caravan and RV living. These families stop at caravan parks for recreation, and the rising number of caravans in the country attest to the increasing opportunities of caravan park investments.

Role of a Chartered Accountant in Business Valuation

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountants play a vital role in any commercial venture or business. They specialise in bookkeeping, auditing, taxation and other financial services. They can also play an important role in business valuation.

Business valuation is the process of evaluating a company, after going through its assets, liabilities, cash flow, good will, pending order book, skilled and unskilled staff, etc. This is not a walk in the park.

The value of any enterprise is only worth the amount you are willing to spend on it, but a proper evaluation is necessary for various other purposes too. ScolariComerford explains that an accountant can really help you with this task due to a number of reasons.

• Accountants are excellent at going through books, records, accounts and audit reports.
• They can understand the figures and the implications of these figures to the future of the business. They understand legal and other account related documents.
• After proper scrutiny they can arrive at a figure, which is the net asset valuation.

There are also other methods if the accounts and other records of the company are not in order. These methods include the following:

• Industry average method and the rule of thumb method. The industry average is arrived by studying the sale price of other companies belonging to the same industry, which have been sold in the last few months.
• The rule of thumb refers to a ‘factor’ that helps arrive at the value of the business. The profit/loss, assets, liabilities, etc. are all considered before arriving at this ‘factor or multiplier’.

If the business is a small one, then evaluating it would be much simpler. But if it is a large enterprise, then chartered accountants are indispensable in getting the correct evaluations done. They can help you understand the exact value of the business you are buying or selling by giving their unbiased opinion.

This kind of exercise is necessary when a business owner decides to sell or buy a business. Sometimes this kind of evaluation is also needed for loan approvals, planning, calculating the net worth, while making a will, and others.

Kick Start Your Day: Alternatives to Traditional Breakfasts


Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. According to studies, it provides the body with nutrients and energy needed to keep you performing at your best. Skipping breakfast will cause your body to crave for sweet food, which may lead to unhealthy snacking.

Instead of the typical cereal, milk, and tea, you can try these breakfast alternatives that are both tasty and healthy.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit salad is the healthiest and the best breakfast. Gold Cost health experts say that this sets the tone for a slow release of energy that will get you through lunchtime. This also provides you plenty of vitamins and minerals, which will motivate you to consider other healthy choices throughout the day. You can make your own salad by slicing a few of your favourite fruits with natural bio-yoghurt.

Fruit and Cheese

If you don’t like fruits drizzled with yoghurt, raw fruit and cheese are the best alternatives. This morning meal is easy to make, as you’ll only need apple slices and cheddar cubes. You can also choose to add fibre by adding some protein rich-walnuts.


Muesli is a dry cereal made from oats, nuts, fruits, and wheat flakes. This, however, is not a typical cereal variety. Muesli has less calories and sugar, and is high in fibre. This can regulate the digestive system and helps with weight control. It is also a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. You can make your own muesli or choose meals offered by a growing number of restaurants.

Eggs and Soldiers

Eggs are relatively low in calories and saturated fat, and an excellent source of nutrients. You can use whole wheat bread for soldiers and avoid they butter or any sandwich spread. You can pair this meal with fruit or vegetable juice.

Skip the typical cereal meal and choose these healthy alternatives. These nutritious meals will surely provide you the needed energy for the day, and encourage you to go for more healthy dishes.